Home Decorating Tips: My Top 10

Decorating your house is never easy, which is why I’ve compiled my top 10 home decorating tips for you. I hope they can give you the encouragement you need to get started, and the inspiration to get going on your new interior design project.

1. You’re going to need to think about your color scheme before you start anything else. To help you make up your mind, do your research on the internet or at the home improvement store, but don’t buy anything yet. Instead, take a few days to let your decision sink in to see if you still want it. As you move around your house, think about how your choices will eventually look.

2. When you do start buying, always keep the receipts! It’s inevitable that the “perfect” item might turn out to be not so perfect once you’ve taken it home and have finally gotten around to installing it.

3. If you’re going to be doing any painting for your project, it helps to buy it all at one time. Even if you think you’ll have enough, play it safe and save the formula tags from the cans in case you need to go back to the store for more. If you do, make sure they use the same machine to mix the paint as they did before.

4. Wallpaper is a real time eater, so unless you just have to have wallpaper, don’t use it! If you do want to include a wallpaper border, just make sure you read the instructions and have all the pieces cut and laid out before you get started.

5. Shopping in the store can be time consuming, so before you go, make a list and break it down into different sections that correspond with areas of the store. Use the store website to help you find new bargains. Sections could include hardware, paint and so on.

6. Decorating your home might seem overwhelming, so instead of viewing it as a huge undertaking, just think of it as a few smaller projects. Don’t start too many of these smaller projects all at once; plan and finish them one by one before you move onto the next project on your list. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment!

7. One of the most important home decorating tips is to ask for help. When you do encounter problems, remember that nobody has all the answers, not even you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when you’re planning. Some great places to go for help include the internet, as well as the home improvement stores, who employ professionals give advice.

8. There are some fantastic resources online not just for planning, but also for help if things aren’t quite going the way you expected them to. For example, all magazines have websites which are fantastic resources. Though it might take a bit of time to find exactly what you need to know, it’s well worth it. Similarly, finding websites or message boards run by people who are using the same “theme” as you can give you some great insights.

9. Do you have trouble picking the right colors? If you don’t have a good eye for color, this could negatively impact the way your room turns out. If in doubt, get some advice from a friend who has a good sense of style. It will be well worth it.

10. Do not get discouraged! Almost any home improvement or decorating project has unforeseen pitfalls; they are just part of the project. If a part of the project does not turn out the way you thought, do not be afraid to just rip it apart and start that part of the project over again. Remember, you have to live in your house and if you leave a section in a state that you are not happy with, it is going to bother you every time you walk by it.

I hope that my home decorating tips give you the confidence you need to get going and to deal with any problems along the way. Just plan carefully and you’ll soon have the home you always wanted.

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