Design Creates: Dublin, World Design Hub 2015

Como, Italy (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

A Design Award & Competition is delighted to announce that Dublin, Ireland has been named World Design Hub 2015 by the International Association of Designers and the A Design Award & Competition.

With the support of Irish Design 2015 a year-long national and international celebration and promotion of the best of Irish design, craftsmanship and creativity renowned designers from around the world will help to plan a varied schedule of events in Dublin. There will be exhibitions, workshops, festivals, talks and more, all based on design themes and designed to have a positive social, cultural, environmental and economic impact.

The World Design Hub designation provides the ideal platform to promote the skills and talents of Irish designers to a worldwide audience. Irish designers will engage in an exchange of knowledge with international counterparts and gain access to new business and trade opportunities.

2015 is an exciting year for Irish design and an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate Irish design at home and abroad. It is a chance to build on the success of the thriving Irish design sector, create new jobs and opportunities and realize the full potential of Irish design to contribute to economic growth.

As a part of the World Design Hub Dublin 2015 and Irish Design 2015 initiatives, Dublin will undertake an ambitious programme of design events including:

In the Making
Showcase: Irelands International Creative Expo
IBEC Leadership Conference
Fresh Talent
Hidden Heroes – The Genius of Everyday Things
Irish Design Here/Now
A Design Awards
The Future is Here
Universal Design Conference

Building on the international reputation of Ireland in design and creative fields, Irish Design 2015 and the World Design Hub events together have the potential to act as a catalyst, propelling Ireland into the international rankings of creative, innovative and design-led economies.

A detailed program of events is available at

About World Design Hub

World Design Hub (WDH) is a unique designation provided by the International Association of Designers (IAD) to a single city each year. WDH designation aims to bring dozens of design events to the elected city in order to create a regional awareness for good design. The WDH Designation helps to heighten the appreciation of design but most importantly aims to ignite creative thinking, innovation as well as economic growth in the designated city.

World Design Hub designated cities promises to host and organize multitudes of design events, including but not limited to design weeks, conferences, symposiums, biennales, exhibitions, competitions, awards, workshops, demonstrations and networking meetings aimed towards designers, companies and the design oriented public audiences. The design events organized as a part of the WDH aims to increase social welfare as well as economic welfare in the designated regions, and further helps to attract the attention of international design media, designers, and design oriented tourists. To learn more, visit

About Irish Design 2015

Irish Design 2015 is an initiative convened by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DDCol), in collaboration with partner organisations throughout the island of Ireland, on behalf of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation (DJEI), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Enterprise Ireland (IE). The overall objective of Irish Design 2015 is to sustain and grow employment opportunities, sales and export potential for the Irish design sector, by encouraging investment in design as a key component of competitiveness and innovation. To learn more, visit

About DDCol

The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) is the main champion of the design and craft industry in Ireland, fostering its growth and commercial strength, communicating its unique identity and stimulating quality design, innovation and competitiveness. The mission of DDCol is to promote and stimulate the creative and commercial potential of Irish design and craft and to work in collaboration with strategic partners in the ongoing development and growth of the sector. To learn more, visit:

About A Design Award & Competition

The A Design Award & Competition was established to highlight and feature the very best design concepts, projects and ideas from across the globe, in order to create an awareness for good design practices and principles worldwide. The ultimate aim of the A Design Award and Competition is to push designers, artists, architects and brands worldwide to come up with superior designs, projects and products that benefit society. To learn more, visit

bean bag chair

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Study Finds Dosing Schedule Critical for Promising New Mesothelioma Treatment, Reports Surviving Mesothelioma

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) November 15, 2014

Japanese scientists say a combination of the chemotherapy drug pemetrexed (Alimta) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) can shrink mesothelioma tumors up to 80 percent but only if it is administered in the right order. Surviving Mesothelioma has just posted an article on the new research. Click here to read it now.

Doctors at Tokyo Medical University and the Nippon Medical School gave pemetrexed and PDT to mesothelioma cells in the lab and to mice that had been injected with human mesothelioma.

In nude mice treated using a combination of pemetrexed and NPe6 PDT, the tumor volume decreased by 50% but subsequently increased, reaching the pre treatment value after 14 days, writes lead author Dr Sachio Maehara.

According to the report in the International Journal of Oncology, photodynamic therapy given prior to pemetrexed was more effective, but tumors still grew back. It was only when pemetrexed was used as a pretreatment that the combination not only shrunk mesothelioma tumors, but kept them from regrowing.

As any cancer patient knows, shrinking the tumor is only half the battle, says Surviving Mesothelioma Managing Editor Alex Strauss. The most promising treatments, and the ones that are most likely to have a positive impact on mesothelioma survival, are those that can also prevent regrowth, as this treatment appears to do.

To understand how PDT and pemetrexed may work together to fight mesothelioma, see Promising Mesothelioma Therapy Combo Reportedly Shrinks Tumors, Inhibits Regrowth now available on the Surviving Mesothelioma website.

Maehara, S et al, Combination effect of photodynamic therapy using NPe6 with pemetrexed for human malignant pleural mesothelioma cells, November 10, 2014, International Journal of Oncology, Epub head of print,

For nearly ten years, Surviving Mesothelioma has brought readers the most important and ground-breaking news on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma. All Surviving Mesothelioma news is gathered and reported directly from the peer-reviewed medical literature. Written for patients and their loved ones, Surviving Mesothelioma news helps families make more informed decisions.

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RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment)

(PRWEB) November 07, 2014

In the manufacturing market, competition is intense. Consequently, an increasing number of fabricators are enhancing the working conditions of their teams in order to attract, motivate, and keep top employees. Two primary improvements in these environments involve air quality and air conditioning. Providing clean, cool air in production facilities has reached a tipping point and is forecast to become a professional standard over the next two to three years; these factors will keep businesses aggressive in their efforts to secure experts in the trade. RoboVents new patent-pending solution is transforming the way metal fabricators are able to address these concerns. RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment) is a unique air conditioning utility that can be added to any RoboVent fume extraction system.

The numerous advantages of a RoboVent system with integrated cooling include (but are not limited to):


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30a beach homes for sale

If you are looking to 30a beach homes for sale then you might want to have a professional help with your purchase. I professional will know the area better, and knows where the good deals are at. If you are looking to sell you may already know that finding buyers can be tough. 30a beach homes for sale can be a tricky business and without the right professional can be a headache. A skilled agent will be able to show your property to many different perspective buyers. If you are buying the agent will be able to show you many more properties than you might find if you were looking on your own. If you are looking for something specific, an agent will be able to help you find that right place. If you are selling, your agent will be able to use multiple tools that they have access to. Using these tools gets the word out about your property without you having to do all the work. Skilled agents will be able to help you with your 30a beach homes for sale getting you buying and selling in almost no time.

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