Ayusa Steps Up Search for American Families to Host Exchange Students in South Carolina

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Ayusa International, a non-profit organization that for 31 years has promoted global learning and leadership through high school student cultural exchanges and leadership programs, continues its annual search for families in South Carolina interested in hosting international students for the 2014-2015 school year.

Ayusa is actively looking for Arizona host families throughout the entire state, specifically in and around the following communities:

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Oxford City Football Club, Inc. (OTCQB:OXFC) Trials To Be Held At Ford Park In Beaumont, Texas.

Beaumont, Texas (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

Oxford City Football Club, Inc. (OTCQB:OXFC) will be holding open tryouts on September 20th and 21st in Beaumont, Texas. The trials will take place at Ford Park, where the 10 home games will be played during the 2014-2015 MASL season.

Oxford City FC of Texas is looking for local talent in Beaumont, all of Southeast Texas, around the US, and internationally. Professional indoor and outdoor soccer players from various countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and England have already registered to participate in the trials.

Unlike conventional professional team trials, Oxford City Football Club offers potential players the opportunity to not only try out for Oxford City FC of Texas in the MASL, but also for the Oxford City FC, The Oxford City Nomads, and OXFC Futsal all based in Oxford, UK.

Players can register at http://www.oxfordcityfctexas.com/view/oxfordcityfc/trials

Registration includes a $ 150.00 fee and will run from 8am to 8pm on consecutive days.

CEO of Oxford City FC Thomas Anthony Guerriero said, “We are looking forward to these trials to identify those players that are diamonds in the rough and be a big impact on Oxford City FC both in Beaumont and in Oxford for many years to come.”

About Oxford City FC (OXFC)


Oxford City is a diversified holding company, which controls five portfolios.

The First Portfolio (OXFC Sports Portfolio)

The OXFC Sports Portfolio have a controlling interest is the largest publicly traded diversified portfolio of professional sports teams in the world. Oxford City’s portfolio contains a 132-year-old professional football club Oxford City FC, which plays in the Conference North Division of the English Football Association. They also own Oxford City Nomads, which plays in the Hellenic League Premier Division of the English Football Association. Oxford City owns Oxford City Futsal, which plays at the highest level of Futsal in England and has one of the best teams in the UK. The company has also acquired Oxford City Basketball, which plays their games in the EBL, English Basketball League. Most recently, Oxford City acquired two professional indoor soccer teams within the U.S., expanding the company’s reach to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and South Florida. Oxford City now owns the MASL team The Texas Strikers in Beaumont Texas. Becoming part of the MASL will leverage the Oxford City sports portfolio to maximize its sponsorship and advertising opportunities to a global level. Oxford City now owns a total of 7 professional sports teams around the world.

The Second Portfolio (OXFC Academic Portfolio)

The OXFC Academic Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of academic institutions. OXFC owns Oxford City Sports College in Oxford and CIT University in the United States, which expects to have its first brick and mortar campus in the United States in South Florida in the near future to strategically put the University in a tremendous position for the future. CIT University’s curriculum is designed by Ivy League scholars and developers providing a state of the art educational platform and is unique to any ever seen.

The Third Portfolio (OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio)

The OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of media & entertainment companies. OXFC owns Oxford City Broadcasting Network (http://www.oxfordcitybroadcasting.com), which is broadcasted on 740AM in Florida that reaches from Miami, Florida to Jupiter, Florida. OXFC has acquired 1882.tv, which will become the global television platform for the company and their interests. Oxford City’s 24 hour television programming which will broadcasted around the world will feature the live radio show “The Oxford City Financial Report”, cover all of Oxford City’s professional sports teams, and provide continuous programming.

The Fourth Portfolio (OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio)

The OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio controls a diversified portfolio of real estate including Oxford City Stadium, Oxford City Indoor Arena, and the Oxford City 3G Training Facility. OXFC benefits from these facilities both in usage and in rental income.

The Fifth Portfolio (OXFC Mergers & Acquisitions Portfolio)

The Mergers and Acquisitions Portfolio consists of the most experienced value specialists who implement proprietary methodology to identify and acquire equity positions in private and public companies with unlimited growth potential to bring tremendous synergies and value to Oxford City.

About Thomas Anthony Guerriero


Oxford City (OXFC) is led by their CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero. Mr. Guerriero holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University, holds two Graduate Certificates from Boston University & University of Notre Dame, and has two BA degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University & Thomas Edison State. He has held several professional licenses over the course of his career Series 7, Series 63, Series 66, Series 24 licenses. Always looking for a challenge Mr. Guerriero is a former professional soccer player, climbed two of the seven summits, been featured in a major motion picture with Oliver Stone, and been featured on television around the world. He is a published author, diplomatic advisor on economic and fiscal policy, is known for being one of the most influential and powerful entrepreneurs in the world today.

Mr. Guerriero was the youngest Senior Vice President at First Union in their 90 year history. As one of the leaders at First Union he established his reputation for being one of the most driven individuals ever to hit Wall Street, known for his relentless work ethic, accompanied with the ability to execute tremendous achievements both individual and with his executive team. His efforts contributed significantly towards First Union’s assets eclipsing $ 400 Billion, leading towards their acquisition by Wachovia in the biggest banking acquisition in banking history at the time.

After First Union Mr. Guerriero was highly recruited by some of the largest firms in the world due to his expertise. Ultimately he made history by accepting the position of CEO of TAA, making him one of the youngest ever to lead a member firm. Implementing his expertise in Economics and Finance he was able to lead TAA to being acquired by High Point Capital, taking part in the second successful acquisition in his career.

Guerriero a renowned published author with “How to Understand and Master the Stock Market”, “How to Understand And Master Securities Laws & Regulations”, “Plan For Crisis”, and “Military Involvement and Trade Treaties: Exploring the Differences in Military Involvement of the United States in Foreign Countries, Post-Trade Treaty” took this expertise to the helm of Global Wealth, accepting the position of CEO. Again for the third time in his career he was successful in growing this company to have a global presence having offices domestically throughout the US and around the world. This led to Global Wealth eventually being acquired, proving his unique methodologies in growing organizations are tremendous.

A former professional athlete himself, Guerriero has always had the passion to become an owner of a professional sports team. This passion led him to becoming the owner with his partner Mike Savitt of the Springfield Armor of the NBA D League (Brooklyn Nets Affiliate). In his first season as owner they had the biggest turn around in the history of the NBA D League and eventually winning the Eastern Conference Championship for the first time in their history. This success made his vision even more clear on the aspirations to achieve something unique in professional sports and in business. This vision was to create a portfolio of the two core foundational interests he had, Sports & Education. This is the seed that has grown into the diversified holding company known as Oxford City.

Safe Harbor

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and section 21B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Readers are cautioned not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which are only predictions and only speak as of the date hereof. Forward-looking statements usually contain the words “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “plan,” “expect,” or similar expressions and are subject to numerous known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Investors are encouraged to carefully review regulatory filings prior to investment consideration. Past performance is no guarantee of future success or that there cannot be losses or business interruption. The Company is in a rapid growth sector that may or may not continue to grow in the future and therefore poses risks that may be different than other investments. Management regularly provides news and additional information believed to be true and accurate at the time of dissemination but has no requirement to modify, comment or change in the future should circumstance change or information prove to be inaccurate for any reason. Additionally, the Company makes every effort to comply with all applicable laws. The definitive agreement associated with this acquisition has not been signed and is subject to a shareholder vote.

Telematics Update: Agenda and Speaker Line-up Announced for the Connected Fleets USA 2014

(PRWEB) August 08, 2014

As growth is seen in goods movement and driver shortages, integration of the connected fleet in the supply chain, service bays, transport infrastructure is crucial to maintain growth in the US and abroad. Experts anticipate that there will be more investment, M&A and consolidation in a rush to deliver the best in class solution to drive fleet optimization. The speakers just announced to take the stage at Connected Fleets USA will be reflecting this change, they include some of the largest fleet rental/leaser, OEMs and companies from across the value chain such as Donlen, Hertz Equipment Rental, ARI, Ryder, Daimler, John Deere, Microsoft, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and up and coming start-ups like Peloton Technology and Metro Tech Inc. Connected Fleets USA 2014 will look into ways to capitalize on the integration of solutions in the supply and create solid partnership models that will increase profitability and drive the connected fleets in the mature North American market.

Connected Fleets USA 2014 project director, Daniel Pavey, stated: “It will be critical that companies evaluate the opportunity present from the integration of connected fleets into the wider enterprise and embrace key breakthroughs in the wider connected ecosystem to create an indispensable connected vehicle service package to add value to fleet operators and carriers.”

The Topics and Trends changing Connected Fleets USA:

Take a look at the must know trends and topics to get up to speed on:

Sports Tourism Growth Forges New Trail, Necessitates Industry Development: Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) Heeds Demand and Forms Sports Facilities Management (SFM)

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

A reported 83% of American businesses are aggressively pursuing international expansion to drive sales and win new customers in the midst of a recovering economy, according to a 2013 survey of senior executives at companies with annual revenues of $ 50 million to $ 1 billion (1)but that development is also happening within the U.S., as evidenced by the Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) and its recent expansion to form sister firm Sports Facilities Management (SFM). According to SFA officials, the need to develop two companies under one roof was a natural progression and response to the growing markets of youth sports and sports tourism, which account for a reported $ 7 billion annually in travel revenue alone. (2)

Youth team sports and sports-related tourism have both proven to be industries which thrive even during a rocky economy. At the height of the Great Recession in 2009, sharp declines in sales in all sports sectors occurred except in team sportsand team sports dealers (retailers who specialize in serving organized sports groups, such as high schools and leagues) performed better in the recession than did mainstream sporting goods stores. (3) And that demand has continued to grow as youth sport travel has become one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, outpacing leisure travel overall. (4)

However, that uncontested growth has necessitated better quality facility management, according to SFA Executive Vice President and Principal, Eric Sullivan, who adds that SFAs proprietary data systembased on years of planning, funding and managing facilities, coupled with the rise of the youth sports segmentis the engine behind the development of SFM.

Indoor and outdoor sport complexes have the potential to become a hub for sports tourism and a boon for local economiesresearch shows that parents spend an average of almost $ 300 per weekend when they travel with their childrens youth sports teams. (5) However, SFM co-founder and COO Jason Clement says that when poorly executed and managed, these facilities can also become problematic for owners and communities.

Building a facility and expecting people to just flock to it is a recipe for disaster, said Clement. Every complex needs to be properly evaluated, planned and managed; without all three aspects, the project stands a great chance of failing to attract investors or failing year after year due to poor design, location or management.

Since its recent inception, SFM has already become an industry leader in the managing of amateur sports and events complexes, and along with SFA, provides the planning, financing and management expertise needed to turn ideas into successful recreation facilities.

“SFA has provided sports venue management services for more than eight years, but the time was right for us to separate SFM and to build a world class management team,” added Clement.

The company has also attracted several professionals who have held high positions with well-established, successful corporations or have been managers of professional football stadiums:

Steve Daugherty joined SFA after 13 years with Disney/ESPN Wide World of Sports and is now the general manager for SFM-managed Rocky Top Sports World, an 80-acre indoor and outdoor sports campus located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Steve Eaton joined SFM after a 23-year career with Disney during which he served as the Events and Operations Director for Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida. Steve is now SFMs Operations Director for Rocky Top Sports World, which has already booked events for 2014-2015 that will bring more than 40,000 visitors to Gatlinburg in year one, with an estimated economic impact of $ 30 million within the first five years of its opening.

Joan LeMahieu joined SFM with over 20 years of leadership experience in venue management, event development, hospitality, and the sports and entertainment industries. Most notably, Joan managed Ford Field Stadium, home of the NFLs Detroit Lions.

Jack Adams joined SFA with experience in directing bars/beverage programs at the national level with the House of Blues, Live Nation, and Gaylord Entertainment. Jack is the key analyst for entertainment and live event programming for clients in areas from multiple revenue center operations to forecasting and P&L management.

In a recent CNBC article, Don Schumacher, Executive Director of the National Association of Sports Commissions, said that the young who are participating [in team sports] are participating with a vengeancethey are playing a lot of games and entering a lot of tournaments (4)a statement with which SFA CEO Dev Pathik agrees, adding, At last estimate, our numbers show that 52 million athletes will be returning to courts or playing fields in fall or winter leagues. With numbers that high, the youth sports industry will continue to be developed in virtually every suburban and urban community, and as a result, will likely expand on an international scale and begin to impact the economy globally, as well.

For more information about SFA, SFM and the available suite of planning-funding-opening-management services, visit http://www.sportadvisory.com.

About Sports Facilities Advisory:

The Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) is the leading resource in sports facility planning and management. The Sports Facilities Advisory has helped to plan, fund, open and manage dozens of multimillion-dollar sports complexes in communities throughout the USA and internationally since its founding in 2003. The company serves public and private clients. Its services fall into four main categories: plan, fund, open and manage, which encompass every phase from early stage feasibility studies to preparing financing documents, overseeing development and opening and full-time management services. SFAs success depends upon its mission to dramatically improve communities through the opening or optimization of sports and recreation centers. For more information, visit http://www.sportadvisory.com.

1.U.S. Companies Using International Expansion to Drive Growth and Profitability. marketwatch.com/story/us-companies-using-international-expansion-to-drive-growth-and-profitability-2013-08-13.

2.Spending Big on Kids Sports? Youre Not Alone. cnbc.com/id/101326773#..

3.The Sports Facilities Advisory. Youth and Amateur Sports: Spending Trends. November 2013, pdf.

4.Summer Vacation Hot Spot: On the Sidelines. 4 Aug. 2014. cnbc.com/id/101848634#..

5.Amateur Sports, Facilities Sought to Spur Local Economies. thecitywire.com/node/31183#.Utlr3bROnIU.

PBX Phone Systems Procurement Category Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

PBX phone systems have a buyer power score of 4.4 out of 5, reflecting highly favorable market conditions for buyers. Factors increasing buyer power include declining prices, a wide variety of substitutes, little product specialization, low switching costs and minimal price volatility. Thanks to these factors, the market is in prime condition for buyers to negotiate lower prices on PBX systems, says IBISWorld research analyst Andrew Krabeepetcharat.

Competition within the market greatly benefits buyers of PBX phone systems. Although there is a moderate level of market share concentration, price-based competition is high, primarily due to low-cost foreign competitors. According to Krabeepetcharat, products are fairly standardized, increasing competition further because products across most brands are comparable and the cost of switching suppliers is very low. Also contributing to the high degree of competition is the wide variety of substitutes available to buyers, including landlines and hosted PBX services and free open-source PBX software.

The only significant detractions from buyer power are the moderate levels of supply chain risk and vendor financial risk associated with PBX systems. This risk primarily stems from the small number of input suppliers. Low profit margins within the market have spurred significant merger, acquisition and bankruptcy activity in recent years, contributing to higher vendor financial risk and negatively impacting buyers. Current major vendors include Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Panasonic Corp. and Toshiba.

Prices are anticipated to continue falling at a slow and steady rate through 2017 with very low price volatility. Low volatility is positive for buyer power because it helps buyers accurately budget for a PBX purchase without the risk of price spikes. For more information, visit IBISWorlds PBX Phone Systems procurement category market research report page.

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IBISWorld Procurement Report Key Topics

This report is intended to assist buyers of private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems. A PBX system is a telephone switching system that creates a private telephone network within a company. PBX systems allow for the sharing of telephone lines to make outside calls. A PBX automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions. PBX systems may operate using traditional phone lines or the internet (IP PBX). PBX systems generally include internal and external phone lines and a computer server to manage call switching and routing. This report excludes hosted and open-source PBX services.

Executive Summary

Pricing Environment

Price Fundamentals

Benchmark Price

Pricing Model

Price Drivers

Recent Price Trend

Price Forecast

Product Characteristics

Product Life Cycle

Total Cost of Ownership

Product Specialization

Substitute Goods


Quality Control

Supply Chain & Vendors

Supply Chain Dynamics

Supply Chain Risk


Competitive Environment

Market Share Concentration

Market Profitability

Switching Costs

Purchasing Process

Buying Basics

Buying Lead Time

Selection Process

Key RFP Elements

Negotiation Questions

Buyer Power Factors

Key Statistics

About IBISWorld Inc.

IBISWorld is one of the world’s leading publishers of business intelligence, specializing in Industry research and Procurement research. Since 1971, IBISWorld has provided thoroughly researched, accurate and current business information. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, IBISWorlds procurement research reports equip clients with the insight necessary to make better purchasing decisions, faster. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld Procurement serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.ibisworld.com or call 1-800-330-3772.


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