Feds Low-Interest-Rate Policies Have Cost Depositors More Than $750 Billion, Says New Study

Foster City, Calif. (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

If not for the Federal Reserves low-interest-rate policies, depositors might have enjoyed an estimated $ 757.9 billion in additional purchasing power over the last five years, according to a new report from MoneyRates.com.

The study, which MoneyRates.com has conducted each year since 2009, calculated how much more purchasing power consumers would have gathered in the last year had deposit yields kept pace with inflation something that deposit yields have done throughout much of recent history. Since 2008, the Fed has taken aggressive measures, including keeping the federal funds rate at an all-time low and instituting its quantitative easing program, to keep interest rates at artificially low levels.

As a result of these low rates MoneyRates.com used average money market account rates for the purposes of the study, which fluctuated between 0.08 percent and 0.10 percent even the low annual level inflation (1.5 percent) was enough to erode the purchasing power of American deposits by $ 122.5 billion over the last year. Added to the total for the previous four years, the figure jumps to $ 757.9 billion.

Richard Barrington, CFA, senior financial analyst for MoneyRates.com, says that while the Feds policies have saved consumers money in some ways such as through cheaper mortgage loans it shouldnt be overlooked that these efforts have effectively taken money from savers and given it to borrowers.

Its a stealth bailout, says Barrington. Low-interest-rate policies have helped bail out banks, the stock market and real estate, but the Fed has not publicly acknowledged the cost of those policies. Our estimate of the hidden losses due to low interest rates is an attempt to shine a light on that cost.

Barrington says that the Feds recent concerns over the ongoing low levels of inflation in the U.S. may further irritate savers who have watched even moderate price increases significantly outpace their deposit yields over the last year.

Its a little like seeing someone get run over by a tank, and then worrying about the condition of the tank, says Barrington of the Feds worries over weakly rising prices.

Barrington also says that encouraging borrowing through low interest rates could be considered irresponsible given the role that high debt levels played in the financial collapse that preceded the Great Recession. Non-mortgage consumer debt has risen by more than 20 percent since 2009, and mortgage debt has also been climbing recently.

For the full analysis, please see the MoneyRates.com report, How much have Fed policies cost savers? Try $ 757 billion.

About MoneyRates.com

MoneyRates.com has been a leading source of information on bank rates, personal finance, savings accounts and investing since 1999. The site seeks to provide the highest rates on CDs, money market accounts and high-yield savings accounts. MoneyRates.com is owned and operated by QuinStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ: QNST), one of the largest Internet marketing and media companies in the world. QuinStreet is committed to providing consumers and businesses with the information they need to find, research and select the products, services and brands that best meet their needs. The company is a leader in visitor-friendly marketing practices. For more information, please visit QuinStreet.com.


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Vinitaly International Brings the Business of Italian Viticulture Center Stage at Verona, With Two New Initiatives to Help Producers Sell One More Bottle of Italian Wine

Verona, Italy (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

For Vinitaly International, the business of Italian viticulture dominated this years program in Verona, as the international touring arm of Vinitaly launched Vinitaly International Buyer Connect, an experimental project aimed at connecting Italian wineries to foreign buyers, and announced its next initiative dedicated entirely to the business of wine, the Wine2Wine forum planned for December 3-4 in Verona.

Vinitaly International Buyer Connect (VIBC) was conceived as a collaboration with Winestars World, a UK-based platform designed to connect wineries with buyers in foreign markets, using a form of 360 degree wine competition, in which wines are judged not only on taste, but also on packaging, pricing, marketing and commercial viability. The joint venture launched Monday and Tuesday at Vinitaly, involving 45 producers from Sicily and 35 from Puglia respectively. These two regions relatively unknown in the UK – presented their wines before a panel of fourteen wine buyers, who represent a wide range of retail outlets in the UK market, including supermarkets, specialty shops, and restaurants. The participating wineries varied in size, but were all unrepresented in the UK market.

The reason for the existence of Winestars World is the difficulty in getting your wines into the international market, even if youre convinced your wine is good, the label is beautiful and the price is fair, explained Robert Joseph, founder, with Catherine Monahan, of Winestars World. What Winestars is about is the beginning of a relationship. Its very rare to have this many buyers of this level speaking frankly in one place, so its a great opportunity for the producers to get feedback, and potentially start a commercial relationship.

Each participating producer presented one wine, from which 10 winners in each region were selected and presented with a glass trophy and more importantly, gained contacts with some of the top buyers in the UK market. In the coming weeks, all participating wineries will receive a full report with feedback from the judges, who at the conclusion of the contest shared with producers insights into what makes a wine more appealing to a UK buyer.

I participated because I thought it was something that could help our winery, and in the end I was really satisfied, says Giuseppe Marrano, proprietor of Podere 29, in the province of Foggia in Puglia. Ive participated in other competitions like this, but this exceeded our expectations. I listened very closely to all of the advice the buyers gave us, about the pricing in the English market, the types of products that are the most popular, lots of suggestions about the packaging all really useful.

It was very gratifying that the judges recognized our work and the choices weve made in our production, agrees Michele Palam

Eat, Drink And Shrink Recipes Book Review | Learn How To Burn Fat With Danette Mays Cookbook V-kool

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Weight loss is always one of the topics that people worldwide concern most. Eat, Drink And Shrink is a brand new cookbook, providing people with a lot of simple yet delicious and healthy food recipes that help them burn fat quickly. This book is created by Danette May a certified trainer, a nutritionist, and a fitness model. She has spent 13 years researching and studying to create this brand new fat loss diet plan. The author states that all of the food recipes and nutrition tips that this cookbook offers are proven 100% safe and useful, so users should feel secure about it. After Danette May launched this cookbook, she received a lot of positive replies from happy customers all over the world. Therefore, author Lien Nguyen from the site Vkool.com wrote the Eat, Drink And Shrink recipes book review, showing people whether or not this product is interesting and useful.

The Eat, Drink And Shrink recipes book review published on the site Vkool.com provides readers with basic knowledge of this fat burning cookbook. This book is really useful for even busy people who want to lose weight without needing to follow harsh and time-consuming workouts. Firstly, people will learn the fat burning recipes that the author has used in the past 13 years to become a magazine fitness model. Then, the author reveals 45 fat burning recipes for dinner that people can prepare and cook with ease. People will also learn 3 strategies to overcome negative feelings.

Anna from the site Vkool.com says: This fat burning recipes cookbook is a useful assistant for people who want to get rid of extra fat and keep fit without using drugs, pills, or medications. Eat, Drink And Shrink is considered one of the most interesting cookbook because it introduces a lot of healthy and easy-to-cook dishes. Buying this product, customers will get 2 months to try it and 2 exclusive bonuses: ‘Simple Fat Loss Success Tracker’ and ‘The Ultimate Meal Plan Guide’. If people do not feel satisfied after trying the recipes that this book offers, they will get all their money back.

If people want to read the full review of Eat, Drink And Shrink recipes cookbook, they can visit the site: http://vkool.com/eat-drink-and-shrink-recipes/.

If people want to get more information about Eat, Drink And Shrink recipes cookbook, they should access to the official site.


About author Lien Nguyen the one who wrote this Eat, Drink And Shrink review: Lien Nguyen is currently a writer working for the Vkool Company. She has precious experiences and enthusiasm on writing interesting and informative articles. If people want to contact Lien Nguyen, they should counsel her through email.

Business Monitors new report looks at Syrias civil war having severe repercussions on Lebanon economy

(PRWEB UK) 3 April 2014

Business Monitor has just released its latest findings on the Lebanon & Syrian market in its newly-published Lebanon & Syria Business Forecast Report.

Core Views on Lebanon

Business Monitors new report identifies the ongoing civil war in Syria as having severe repercussions on the Lebanese economy. Moreover, Lebanon’s medium-term growth trajectory will settle well below pre-crisis levels owing to a lack of investment in transportation and energy infrastructure. Despite renewed fears over the economy’s gaping external asymmetries, a loyal depositor base in the domestic banking sector, combined with a massive arsenal of foreign exchange reserves will, Business Monitor say, very likely help to bolster underlying financial stability through what may turn out to be a potentially prolonged period of political volatility. This will minimize the potential for an unexpected devaluation of the pound in 2014.

Major Forecast Changes

Business Monitor have revised their real GDP growth projections and now forecast the economy to expand 2.4% in real terms in 2014, from a previous forecast of 2.5%. They reaffirm their view that elevated political instability and the lack of structural reform to the economy will contribute to below-potential growth over the medium term.

Key Risks To Outlook

Given Lebanon’s reliance on foreign capital to finance domestic demand (as evidenced by its large current account shortfall), a marked deterioration in regional or global capital markets over the coming quarters could slow financial inflows, which would negatively impact growth. As the civil war in Syria shows no signs of abating, tensions between Lebanese political blocs in support of and against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will remain a key source of instability.

Core Views on Syria

Business Monitor notes that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is unlikely to regain full control of the country. However, areas in the west are set to remain under the control of al-Assad’s loyalists, and the regime has recently achieved significant strategic gains at the expense of the opposition. The Syrian civil war has seen increasing foreign interference, with Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the West supporting the rebels, and Iran, Russia and Lebanon’s Hizbullah aiding the regime. The report notes that this will contribute to prolonging the conflict, which Business Monitor believe could continue for several years.

Major Forecast Changes

Business Monitor have revised down their 2013 real GDP growth forecasts and now project a contraction of 12.5% in 2014, from a previous forecast for a contraction of 7.5%, owing to the continuing intensification of the conflict. Private consumption, fixed investment and exports will be hit particularly hard.

Key Risks To Outlook

Although the momentum for US air strikes on Syria has waned for the time being following Damascus’ acceptance of a Russian proposal that Syria gives up its chemical weapons, the challenges of implementing the ‘deal’ are formidable. Although US air strikes are highly unlikely at this stage, Business Monitor believe that Washington will keep the military option on the table. The Assad regime has proven more durable than expected in 2013, and it could well succeed in retaining Damascus and large areas of the country in 2014 and 2015. Levels of violence are likely to remain elevated over the coming quarters, ensuring that the economic contraction continues.

To find out more about this report and the key developments in Lebanon & Syria please click here.

Business Monitor, a Fitch Group Company, is a leading, independent provider of proprietary data, analysis, ratings, rankings and forecasts covering 200 countries and 24 industry sectors. It offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help senior executives, analysts and researchers assess and better manage operating risks, and exploit business opportunities.

Freshdesk Launches iOS App; Agents Can Now Support Customers from Anywhere On Their iPhones

Walnut, CA (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Freshdesk Inc., a leading provider of customer support software, announced today the launch of an official iOS app that helps support agents resolve issues on the go.

According to a Gartner study, more than 70 percent of employees are projected to be accomplishing a majority of their work on smartphones (by 2018). Todays consumers are quick to get on to social media to vent out their frustrations when they dont get their issues resolved. Support agents need to be able to deliver faster and accurate resolutions to customers when theyre on the go.

The new iOS app from Freshdesk allows support agents to respond to queries, prioritize tickets from customers, and stay on top of reported issues right from their iPhones. Agents can log the amount of time they spend supporting, and also execute scenarios on the move to perform a whole bunch of tasks with a single tap.

Freshdesk provides a single dashboard to streamline support requests across multiple channels including Twitter and Facebook, said Abishek Sridharan, Product Manager. With our new iPhone app, support agents can get a quick summary of tickets from anywhere and make customers happy even when theyre working remotely.

Just a few months ago, Freshdesk released an Android app to help agents support customers when theyre on the move. With the iPhone app, Freshdesk is aiming at providing a full-fledged mobile support desk for over 19,000 enterprise customers who use the platform to deal with customers.

About Freshdesk:

Freshdesk Inc. is a leading provider of customer support software in the SaaS market. Freshdesks flagship product allows organizations to support their customers through emails, phone calls, websites, forums and social media channels. With powerful features, an easy to use interface and a freemium pricing model, Freshdesk is widely used by companies ranging from startups to enterprises. The company is backed by Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management and has raised a total of $ 13 million. Freshdesk is headquartered in Walnut, California and has a development center in Chennai, India. For more information, please visit http://www.freshdesk.com, http://blog.freshdesk.com or find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/freshdesk or Twitter: @freshdesk.

Armada Markets Launches Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble Trading

(PRWEB) March 28, 2014

Armada Markets, a leading spot Forex and spot metals ECN broker in Northern Europe introduced today the Chinese yuan (USD/CNH) and the Russian ruble (USD/RUB) currency pairs to its MetaTader 4 platform. This makes Armada Markets one of the first spot Forex brokers in Northern Europe to launch trading in the Chinese yuan and the Russian ruble.

The demand for the new products has come primarily from Asia and Eastern Europe where the company is one of the fastest growing spot Forex brokers. With the trading volumes reaching 15 billion USD a month the company has seen its client base expand to over 135 countries.

The recent political tensions between Russia and the Ukraine over the status of Crimea have introduced a lot of volatility to the Russian ruble and the currency markets in general. The same has happened with the Chinese yuan which is pressured by the slowing economy and the first signs of an emerging liquidity crisis. The higher volatility and also the ambitions of both the Russian and the Chinese governments to promote their national currencies as alternative reserve currencies to US dollar has resulted in a significant increase of interest from the trading community.

Ingmar Mattus, Armada Markets CEO said: We are pleased to launch trading in the Russian ruble and the Chinese Yuan and I believe this offering will be very attractive to our global client base, especially in Russia, China and in countries which do a lot of export-import with them.

Illimar Mattus, Armada Markets CFO said: “We are really excited about the pace of our development in 2014. Just this week we introduced our new responsive homepage and launched the new currency pairs. To facilitate our growing Asia-Pacific client base we have set up also new trading servers in Hong Kong. One of the major plans for Armada Markets group over the next couple of months will be the launch of trading in commodity and index CFDs through our soon to be disclosed newly regulated entities in two global financial centers.”

Notes to Media

About Armada Markets AS (Armada Markets)

With its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, Armada Markets provides online spot Forex trading services to professional retail and institutional clients in close to 140 countries. Armada Markets focuses on providing one of the most competitive spot Forex trading conditions in the world with ultra-low spreads and high quality trade execution. Armada Markets is proud to serve its clients 24/7 in 8 major languages.

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everybody.

For more information please visit http://www.armadamarkets.com or by phone on +372 686 3163.

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Solar Water Heater Industry in China 2014 Deep Research Report Now Available with DeepResearchReports.com

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 22, 2014

2014 Deep Research Report on China Solar Water Heater Industry is a professional and in-depth research report on China solar water heater market. The report introduces solar water heater with basic information such as its definition, classification application and industry chain structure with its overview. Then this research provides international as well as Chinas domestic market analysis along with macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis. The influence of solar water heater industry policy and plan on solar water heater product specification, manufacturing process, product cost structure etc. is also discussed in this report.

This solar water heater market study then talks about global and Chinese manufacturers of solar water heater along with their capacity production, cost, price, profit, production value, profit margin and other details of each company. For these manufacturers, data and information on products, customers, application capacity, market position of a company and their company contact details are also provided in this research at http://www.deepresearchreports.com/111532.html.

Key manufacturers discussed in this report are Sunrain Solar Energy, Shandong Sang Le, Himin, Linuo Ritter, HUAYANG, TP Solar, TSINGHUA SOLAR, Sunshore Solar, Huihuang solar, Qingdao Aucma, Best solar energy, Haier, Sunhome, 5 Star, Ecoo Solar, Yuansheng, Chinsun, Sunleada, Gomon, Royalstar. Place a direct purchase order on this report at http://www.deepresearchreports.com/contacts/purchase.php?name=111532.

This research report lists Chinas solar water heater capacity production, capacity market share and production market share data along with supply, demand, shortage and import-export consumption and other relevant data statistics. China solar water heater data for 2009-2019 capacity, production, price, cost, profit, production value, gross margin and other information is covered in this report. Also provided is information on solar water heater upstream raw materials, equipment and downstream client, alternative products, survey analysis and marketing channels information with industry development trends and proposals. Finally, the report offers a new solar water heater project SWOT analysis with investment feasibility and returns analysis along with related research conclusions. In a word, it is a deep research report on global and China solar water heater industry. Thanks to the support and assistance from solar water heater industry chain related experts and enterprises during research teams survey and interview.

About Us:

DeepResearchReports.com is an online market research reports library of 400,000+ in-depth studies of over 5000 micro markets. Call +1 888 391 5441 with your industry research requirements or email the details on sales (at) deepresearchreports (dot) com and we would be happy to help you find the business intelligence that you need. Not limited to the solar power industry (http://www.deepresearchreports.com/cat/solar-power-market-research.html) , DeepResearchReports.com offers market research studies on agriculture, chemicals, consumer goods, environment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, retail, water, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals and much more.